Oh, I just realized that it's so difficult to press the 'Delete' button.

Actually, why most of us cannot press that button? ('Delete' button, I mean)
Well well, basically people are afraid because they do not want to lose their precious files. How precious are those files? I don't know, you don't know, oh maybe the ones who felt it do not know either.

Our brain has its own limit, yeah, you can forget what you just doing, or what you want to do. Oh maybe that's just me who feel like that? hahaha I'm a forgetful person as you know.

So, why people create that word 'Delete'? Why they still keep it till now? Why is it still exist even though most people hate that word? Why am I asking that much? hahahaha
Sorry, I just wondering.

MAYBE, they created that word because not all of your archive can be saved.
MAYBE, they do not want that file anymore
MAYBE, they are just suck files
MAYBE, oh just MAYBE

Sometimes, when you opened your email and see that your inbox full of emails from Facebook, you simply mark all of the contents and delete it. But before it, you re-checked that you do not mark the important mails then you press the 'Delete'.

Oh just how wonderful it is if you can simply choose what should be or shouldn't be delete. For me, it's really really difficult, cause sometimes I just delete all of them without a re-checked or sometimes the inbox is full of the important mails that I can't sort of which I should delete. Hhhhhhhh it's really annoying you know.
How about you guys? Do you do what I do? Hahahaha

Remind you again, I just wondering

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