Fasting fasting

It’s already the second day in Ramadhan. Our fasting month. Hehe Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin We still have this sacred month. We can pray more than the other 11 months. Every good activities can be our reward’s saving. So, be good in this month, because every bad activities will be counted too. Hehehe

Have a great fasting and do good things for yourself and others.

And I want to apologize for all my mistakes, Fooolkss! :)

Love, Belle


Missed Things

Silly things that I stupidly missed them. For no reason, I want to share it here.


First, I miss my childhood. There’s nothing more fun when I was a child. Nothing to think, I just flew away like the wind. And I could do whatever I wanted to. I had many friends back then, boys more than the girls –_- I played with them everyday, usually kite flying :)). At school or at my neighbourhood. It’s just really exciting playing with them :D

Second, a promise from a guy there. He never make it. Never Ever. It’s just silly when I remember it. The promise was to take me out (like a tv programme, isn’t it? haha) to a beach and we just sit there with ice cream in our hands and eating J.Co donuts.

Third, I miss my junior high school. It was really fun with my dearest bestfriends, Ayu, Muthia, Putri. I miss our time when we’re together, you know! :DD

Forth, I miss the time I saw my mother for the first time. When I arrived in this world, how happy I am, even I don’t remember. HAHA

Fifth, when I have plenty of money. I could buy everything I wanted to with my savings

Sixth, In the third grade in Junior High School, with my friends played hit-hands until our hands are full of RED and it’s became many small bumps and it seemed that bleeding inside (do you understand what I am talking about? haha)

Seventh, after I took a bath and the rain is falling. coooooolll

Are they silly? hahahahahaha

You know who I am, don’t you, folks? hehe

Love you more,


Make an effort

Good Sunny Morning!

Today is a holiday and tomorrow will be the same! Hehehe. and I think I’ll just be lazy at home. I’m listening to Ten2Five’s songs. and I think the lyrics both the tunes are sweet and touching. hihi I’m being melancholy this morning. :)

I’ve just realized that maybe my friend, called her E, has one same personality. If we like someone, we just hard to forget the time when we’re with him. Even a single little thing like song, place, gifts and their promises. People always think why we are so melancholy about those things? How come? But, for you to know, that’s just who we are. I do think that I’m silly, stupid and whatever you called me. I want to erase that kind of habit instead I always trying and trying but I just can’t! Like if you love someone, even he doesn’t know you love him, but you deeply fall in love with that guy and you feel you won’t have the chance to know him more.

Like old times, I was just crying if I heard ‘Loving You’ by The Cinnamons. Yea, I know it’s really stupid and silly to do that, but I just can’t help it.  BUT, I know, I mustn’t be like this forever, I must make a move. There isn’t one man in this world, maybe one will be the good one, better than the guy :) So, I was trying to move on step by step. I didn’t play the Loving You, I erased his number (fortunately I don’t remember the number. hehe but, I have the last number in my mind, just in case! ;p), I didn’t want to spell his name, or wrote it or even think about it. I tried to be focus on something else. And here I am. Fine with this situation, even if I spell his name or play the Loving You, I don’t feel upset. And I’m grateful he is my past and he won’t bothered me anymore :) JUST for you whose problem is same with me, forgetting someone is not easy sometimes, but if you make a tiny effort and believe the time will change everything, you will forget those things and become ‘normal’ again unwittingly. And you won’t regret to do that. :)


My mind


My pleasure.



I’m afraid I’m not. :(





I always do :)




aduh maap awal awal bahasanya udah kasar! dems aps si B BOTAK LAGI skr? ya ampuuuuuuuunnnnnn gw liat fotonya pengen muntah astaganagabonarjadiduabelas. tampangnya sok sok imoet! aaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh mana ada yg komen bilangnya,

aduuuuhh B manis banget ciiihh?

cuiiiiiiihhh preeeeeeeeeettttttt! aduh sebenernya pengen gw masukin nih fotonya disini, tapi orangnya udah gw kata-katain ntar ketauan publik lagi gw ngata-ngatain. HAHAHA

dan demi apa demi apa temen gw ada empat orang temennya dia juga? sahabat gw juga ada! ini orang koneksinya banyak banget sih? mentang mentang ganteng pinter tajir oke baik perhatian (curhat –__________-). maleezzzzzz deeeeehhh

dan disalah satu fotonya, kan temennya bilang, yah lo jelek banget. trus dia bilang, tapi aslinya gak. aduuhh narsis abiizz

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gue beteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, kesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll

Keramas dan Try Out Ofren

heila heilo Todaay

what a sunny Saturdaay. Yup! It’s Saturday again. Time surely moving. And I didn’t even recognize these past days. My life is just study at school, then go to an English Course and Ofriend (Bimbel). (aaaaaagghhh tadi salah ketik jadi inget B)

my haaiir! I haven’t washed it foor.. 4 days! klimaaagggsss! I just don’t get time to wash it. and now i won’t take my karet rambut off. iyuh sendiri deh bahasa inggris gw campuradukamburadulbimsalabim yekaan. ingin nyalooooooonnnnnnn! potong poni, masker rambut, keramaasss! ampun deeeh. gara-gara ini poni yg kepanjangan dikatain, Emogirl. kemaren waktu gw pake kerudung dibilang TPAgirl. kalo gw lagi ngapain aja dibilangnya Bessy. Agheiejwhdwin

dan handphone gw mati pula. mati-nyala-mati-nyala. maunya apa siih?

ohiyaaaaaaaaaaa, masa besok tryout Ofren! pelajarannya dari kelas 1 sampe yg dipelajari skr di Ofren. mati sajalah saya mau belajar apa coba? kan seharusnya hari minggu tuh hari tenang. ini malah ada try out. sungguh kelas tigaaaa………… kemaren aja waktu pulang Ofren kan menye-menye sambil nonton tv. trus jam 23:00 gw solat lalala trus nyalain komputer, nyetel lagu, ngerjain MATEMATIKA. ini gw yg kerajinan atau gw emang lagi stres kelas tiga ya? hahaha jadi keranjingan belajar gitu.

okey deeych sepertinya itu saja. haha gak penting banget postingannya. oke oke TOODLEEESS!

P.S. what is it in your head? jangan beraninya ngomong dibelakang dong. grrrr muka lo pengen gw tenggelemin di danau lumpur!. demiapa temen sd gw jadi ganteng skr?